Season 3 Episode 5: Women in Sport, Climate Change and Mental Health, Dungeons and Dragons, AFLW and Heat Island Effect in Melbourne

WARNING THIS EPISODE CONTAINS MENTIONS OF SELF HARM AND VIOLENCE. Welcome back! In this week's episode, we take a look at why Australian girls are dropping out of sports as teenagers, the devastating effects of coral bleaching on our reefs, Dungeons and Dragons as an alternative form of therapy for kids, how the AFLW is coping under the spotlight and what exactly the ‘heat island effect’ is and how it impacts people's lives in Melbourne.
Story One:

Australia takes pride in their sport and with some of our biggest athletes starting from the age they can hold a ball. But according to a recently published report by Women In Sport, more and more young girls are choosing to drop out of sports and other physical activities around their teenage years. So why teenage girls are becoming more dis-engaged with sports and what we can do to help? 
Story Two:

A new study has shown how climate change influenced disasters and environmental losses are taking an emotional toll on us. In recent times coral bleaching and flooding have severely impacted our great barrier reef. We explore what all of these recent events and findings mean for us and our beautiful reefs.

Story Three:

For some Dungeons and Dragons is just the geeky fantasy game, meant only for society's outcasts and nerds. But for some children, it could be the answer to help them cope and face the day. But one dad from the ACT who’s using this game to help kids with disabilities find a way to cope socially.

Story Four:

The AFLW has grown rapidly over its 7-season run, and with that growth comes increasing media pressure. We take a look at how players and media experts are training up this upcoming generation of female athletes.

Story Five:

As Melbourne's urban landscape grows, the effects it's having on our environment are devastating. Covering up our trees and vegetation with buildings and cement is creating causing us social and economic disadvantages. We investigate what the ‘heat island effect’ is and how it's affecting the City of Wyndham. 

Producer: Shantal Hayden
Assistant Producer: Paddy Grindlay 
Presenters: Amy Ross & Freya O’Donnell 
Reporters: Jordan Zoch and Ethan Dean