Season 3 - Episode 4: Bottled water, remote health, independent women, homelessness

Welcome back! In this episode we look at groundwater extraction for bottled water in the small town of Musk, the cost for care in remote, regional and metropolitan areas, independent women running in this year's election, and active programs in Victoria to help homeless people rebuild their lives.
Story 1: The Grapple for Groundwater

The extraction of groundwater that ends up in bottled water is big business for the companies that mine and sell the water. But for residents in the communities where the water is taken from, it’s often the cause of concern and controversy. 

Hear from some of the rural communities who are taking on the industry, over the hidden water beneath our feet.

Story 2: The Cost for Care

It's commonly said that Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, but is it leaving some Australians out? Healthcare access is notably different for some Australians, especially in Rural and Regional communities. They not only have less access to important health care but often have to travel far for basic health needs. Hear from Healthcare professionals from various walks of life to hear about the cost for care in rural, regional and metro centres. 

Story 3: Independent Women 

With the upcoming federal election, there has been a particular anomaly taking place: ‘Teal’ Independents. These independent candidates have been making waves throughout the campaign - and the two major parties are concerned by what the presence of independent candidates within parliament could mean for decision making. Hear Independent candidate for Goldstein, Zoe Daniel, her media advisor, Angela Pippos and social media manager, Olivia Smith discuss their community backed push for independence. 

Story 4: The Harsh Reality of Homelessness

Homelessness is an experience that can affect anyone at any time. Amidst Victoria’s harsh COVID-19 lockdowns, the State government introduced its most successful program to date. However, the funding to the Homeless to a Home program has been cut drastically in this year’s state budget. Hear from Jenny Smith, CEO of Council to Homeless Persons to find out more. 

Producer: Ada Hall

Reporters: Mack Heard, Brigitte Murphy, Maya van Es and Rebecca Chin.